Canon Selphy QX10 Green

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Canon Selphy QX10 Green

High quality square and sticky photo paper
The Selphy Square QX10 produces beautifully bright and clear square photo prints, picking up smooth gradations, reproducing colours faithfully and expressing black tones well. The 1:1 square shaped photo paper also has an option to peel the back for a sticky surface.

100-year prints
At the end of the printing process, photos are covered by an overcoat finish, giving the photos a glossy appearance and protecting them from water and dirt, while also preventing them from smearing and fading. The addition of the overcoat finish will enable an album storage lifespan of up to 100 Years.

Water and dust resistant
No need to worry if drops of water get on your photos. A special film overcoated on the surface of the photos repels water and prevents ink from bleeding. If water is accidentally spilled, just wipe it off.

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