How Do I Print From My Phone?

Though we live in an ever-expanding virtual world with predominantly online communication and paperless transactions, there will always be a need for printing. Whether it be for a legal contract you need to sign, a form for your child’s school, a resume, family photos, or even class handouts that are available to read online: but you prefer the feeling of crisp paper in your hands when you take important notes!

When it’s time to print that important document, there’s nothing more frustrating than walking into the room where the printer is set up and realising you can’t print from your phone or tablet. You then have to work out how to send that document to your computer. Should I email it? Or maybe the photo is too large for email. Should I upload it to Dropbox? Wait, do I even have Dropbox on my phone? Or should I use my Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive? How do I find it again once I’ve uploaded it? We’ve all been there before and it’s always a headache. If only there were a simpler way?

Virtually effortless printing from your mobile device

Enter mobile printing. Mobile printing involves printing directly from your portable device, wherever you happen to be in the house or office and helps avoid the clumsy interruptions to your day that traditional printing can impose. It’s not be confused with Wi-Fi printing however, which simply involves printing from your computer without a cable. Most modern printers have technology built-in that lets a portable device such as a tablet or smartphone print directly to the printer without the need for installing special software. The technology comes with a few different names, but the concept is the same. Air printing or Cloud printing is very simple to use and eliminates the need to download and install printer software/drivers or plug in messy cables.

Are printing options available for Apple, Android and Windows?

Printing wirelessly from your phone uses a technology called Apple AirPrint (for Apple iPhones or iPads) or Mopria for Android and Windows devices. You can also use Google Cloud Print from any device that has a Google account – wherever you are in the world!

So, can you just go ahead and print from your phone? It depends if your printer supports this feature. With both Apple AirPrint and Mopria, you also need to make sure you are on the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. This means that if you’re visiting a friend’s house and want to print, you’ll need to access their Wi-Fi before your device can find the printer. With Google Cloud Print, you need to be using the same Google account that the printer is connected to which makes it more of a personal printing service.

If you have an iPhone, you simply select the share button and select the print icon on your screen. A new window will then pop up where you can select the printer you want to send it to (See images below). Depending on your printer configurations, you should be able to select whether you want colour, black and white, double-sided and the amount of desired copies from this window. If you have an Android or Windows device, you’ll need to use either Mopria App, or Google Cloud Print which works on Google Chrome browser or any of the Google apps. Your printer brand (e.g. Brother) may also have its own printing app that will be compatible with that printer.

Apple AirPrint – How It Works

Apple Share Icon

Step 1

Apple Print Icon

Step 2

Apple Airplay Icon

Step 3

Mopria – How It Works

Step 1: Download the Mopria Print Service App from the Google Play Store

Step 2: 

How Do I Find Out If My Printer Is Compatible?

The easiest way to find out if your printer is compatible with AirPrint, is to try printing from your device. For Android devices, don’t forget to install the Mopria Print Service App first. Open a document or image and look for the print option. If you can select a printer, all you have to is hit print. Google Cloud Print will require some configuring before you can use it. Depending on the device or printer you’re using, there are several sites that can help you find out if your device supports this feature. The most common answers to problems can be found at:


iPhone / iPad:



Google Cloud Print:


Otherwise, click on the relevant icon to see if your printer is listed:


Buy A New Printer Now

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Click on the icons below to find out if your printer supports this technology

Apple AirPrint
Mopria Alliance
Google Cloud Print

Fortunately, most new printers are mobile printing compatible, eliminating any need for you to set anything up. If you’re in the market for a new one, make sure it has relevant logo on the brochure. How Do I Print From My Phone? Follow the above steps and you’ll be printing in no time. And remember, that even if your printer is mobile printing compatible, you’ll still have to walk over to it to collect the documents you printed!

How Do I Print From My Phone?

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